ALTR ERGO is a company dedicated to a new way of thinking about cycling and other pursuits in vibration environments. Our signature product empowers riders to achieve oneness with the ride itself in a way that preserves comfort and prevents injury at levels never before conceived. ALTR ERGO is the maker of the award-winning Sanctuary Saddle, featuring the twin technologies, ALTR FIT and VIBEABIDE. With the custom width-selecting ALTRFIT mechanism and the revolutionary VIBEABIDE vibration damping system, the Sanctuary marks the next phase in the evolution in bicycle saddles. 



With ALTRFIT from ALTR ERGO, you see the technology driving the evolution of the saddle. No awkward in-shop fit, and no single-width limitation. We like to think of it as natural selection. When you use ALTRFIT to dial in the saddle wings to your unique sitting needs, you quit playing the pressure game. Throw away the pressure mapping, and move to what we like to think of as fit GPS.



VIBEABIDE is a material for all the touch points of the bicycle, ensuring maximum comfort no matter how you connect. Transforming harsh road shocks into good vibrations, VIBEABIDE dramatically dampens the constant road bump bombardment. It’s proven that the more you’re able to quell those bad vibrations, the more energy you have left for the ride. VIBEABIDE means greater e­fficiency, driving higher performance, greater comfort, and the enduring thrill of cycling. Furthermore, VIBEABIDE opens a new doorway to achievement in vibration damping innovation across multiple industries.