At ALTR ERGO, we’re all about balance, the blend of creativity and innovation.

We exist for the benefit of cyclists everywhere, because all cyclists are human and struggle with the same human problems.

When we ride together, we all think, “What if somebody made an (insert product name here) that did this or that better?” And at ALTR ERGO, we go back to our drawing board and actually try to solve the problem.

ALTR ERGO is a company dedicated to a new way of thinking about cycling, advancing the sport with new concepts in design. Our product empowers riders to achieve oneness with the ride itself in a way that preserves comfort and prevents injury at levels never before conceived. ALTR ERGO is the maker of the award-winning Sanctuary Saddle, featuring the twin technologies, ALTRFIT and VIBEABIDE. With the custom width-selecting ALTRFIT mechanism and the revolutionary VIBEABIDE vibration damping system, the Sanctuary marks the next phase in the evolution in bicycle saddles.